A unicode split-message mode messaging interface for Miranda Instant Messenger with support for BB codes and RichTextFormat.

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CactusSRAMM Version History:

´╗┐CactusSRANM - the future of the single message mode

NOTE: You need the VC++2008 runtime libraries to use this module. If you don't have them they can be found under

Version history:
*Bug fixed: If "Set Background from RTF" was enabled, background color detection from incoming message sometimes did not work correctly. Furthermore background color also changed when own message appeared in log area. These issues are fixed now.
*New feature "Set Background from RTF" in contact menu added: If selected, CactusSRAMM tries to determine the chat partners background color from the RTF message he sent and sets the color of the background of the message log area to it. Still experimental and kind of buggy as it seems RTF messages only transmit the background color with the characters they consist of if the color attribute on the characters have explicitely been set before sending them.
*Bug fixed: When using "Enter" on contact in contact list to display incoming message in single message mode, the "Reply" button no longer has default focus and thus is not directly selected by the key event leading to closing the window and opening the send window.
*Bug fixed: Buttons for text formatting "Bold", "Italic" and "Underline" now correctly work in "Send RTF Message" too.
*Bug fixed: The icon for the underline button sometimes displayed in a strange way, now it is shown correctly.
*Tab+Enter now also activates send message button.
*Bug fixed: The percent sign in entered messages sometimes caused CactusSRAMM to crash.
*Bug fixed: Due to strange RichEdit behaviour, the first newline when "display events from newline" in options was set, was always ignored. Now it is fixed by workaround.
*Bug fixed: When enabling "Send RTF" menu item "SendBBCodes" menu item was still activated, but that does not make sense: either RTF is sent out or text containing BB codes.
*Color correction in message log and message area are now configurable by per contact setting
*Quoting now supports RTF formatted text. Color correction is done in the message send text area as well.
*Quotation is in original color as shown in the message log, Only the quotation sign ">" is in your default message text color.
*Bug fixed: RTF formatted text is now correctly displayed in the message log.
*Bug fixed: When initially opening message dialog and having a saved message, saved message text displayed in send field will be highlighted due to dumb Windows. (Cure: put a PostMessage(GetDlgItem(hwndDlg,IDC_MESSAGE),EM_SETSEL,-1,-1); at the end of WM_INITDIALOG. PostMessage instead of SendMessage is important as it will queue the EM_SETSEL at the end of the dialog's message queue).
*Bug partially fixed: When receiving RTF messages, the mesage log will not display them properly with the RTF codes decoded but as raw RTF. Now at least the RTF syntax is stripped and the message text is displayed readable, but colors and fonts are not updated with those from the RTF message. Have to dig out how to insert complete RTF-syntax in a RichEdi control though...
*Automatic color change introduced in version now configurable by per contact setting (Default is on)
*Automatic change of background color for message text introduced when receiving RTF or BB code colored messages which text color is too close to your chosen background color. In this case the background of the characters which won't otherwise be hardly readable is changed to a color providing enough contrast to read the characters but won't change the character's colors so one can still see the color the sender has chosen.
*Buttons for text formatting (formatting will be sent as BB codes when enabled in the contact's menu) (Initial version):
*BB code support (sending only when setting tags manually)
*RTF support
*fully unicode
*support for Miranda versions >= 0.7.x.x